Main Event

Monday 14th
December 2020


At the following link:




If you missed it, here it goes! GRADWORLD 2020

Showcasing the best work by students of the RMIT Diploma of Digital Technologies and the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive Media). This exciting night will be held online in a virtual space and will feature:
  • A screening of the best work from our amazing students
  • A gallery full of concept art, illustrations and graphic novels
  • A collection of student made games to enjoy
  • And awards handed out to our most talented students


Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

This course provided us with skills-based training in a practical, hands-on environment. We developed the skills and knowledge needed in key areas such as concept development, storytelling and all aspects of production.
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Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media - Interactive Media

This Advanced Diploma gives you the broad base necessary to move ahead in the art, design, screen and media industries. We'll provide you with a creative and supportive environment of artistic and intellectual investigation with great opportunities to forge industry connections. Click the button below to find out more...